Genesys Online
Genesys Online is a hosted software solution for companies that do not have the IT infrastructure to run Genesys 4.0 on their own system.
Genesys 4.0
Complete business management software package for Wholesale & Distributors
Gen X-Port
This product facilitates the access to real time data over the internet
An interactive Business BASIC development language which operates on a wide variety of Unix and Linux based systems.
A powerful multi-user operating system
An advanced application development language combining the speed and flexibility of a 3rd-generation language with modern extensions and structures of 4th-generation technology
Red Hat Linux
From the desktop to the datacenter, the security, stability, and reliability of the tested Red Hat enterprise solutions deliver unbeatable value to small and medium sized businesses.
Enable the faxing of documents and reports directly from your Genesys system
Powerterm Software
Ericom Software's terminal emulation product for Unix, maximizes the capabilities of legacy systems with a minimal amount of installation time and software space.
Backup Edge Software
File - by - file data protection for UNIX and Linux systems. BackupEDGE provides all the "normal" day-to-day maintenance you'd expect from a backup package, plus powerful features-
Message Manager
Take advantage of UNIX's powerful mail system with an easy to use interface
UniBasic-IQ Runtime
A point-and-shoot Query Language and Report Generator