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Is Your System Backing Up Every Night?

Over the past few years, disk drives (and tape units) have become so reliable that the chances for a serious disk error or crash have become remote (but not impossible). The backup routines on almost all UNIX based machines are entirely automatic. Backing up and what is involved, is no longer the time consuming task to management (and other personnel doing the backup) that it once was, therefore we tend to not focus on this critical aspect of our computer system. But unfortunately, occasionally the need for a recovery (or partial recovery) is required.

Over the past year, backup software systems have grown in sophistication, ease of use, reliability, and flexibility. In the event of an emergency, a good modern backup system can save hours if not days in a recovery, in other words, save you $$$!!

We recommend "Backup Edge" as a backup system. This program is fully supported by an organization that only writes backup and recovery software. It provides a menu driven program for the recovery of the system. Partial recoveries take minutes instead of hours as on many other backups.

Running SCO UNIX or XENIX system

Complete automatic/manual backup including comprehensive documentation. Includes ability to backup unattended, ability to backup with users on system faster than standard backup utilities, compression of files, ability to exclude files. Comes with RecoverEDGE program which creates a menu driven restore process from one diskette and the last backup. Both programs are menu driven and are user friendly. Verification is bit level ensuring complete integrity of data, mailed messages of any exceptions or errors in backup or verify.

Point 4 installation
Installation includes set up of system, creation of recover disk and training on operation of both backup and recover programs.