About Us

 Point 4 Data's ongoing commitment to providing quality service and hardware to wholesalers and distributors continues... With the release of Genesys4.0 we have  opened the door to more efficient and powerful data processing.

Company Profile

Beginning in the mid 1970s, Point 4 manufactured a line of mini computers and created the IRIS operating system. However, changes in the computer industry have made these products obsolete. We still have parts and occasionally manufacture (if quantity is sufficient) Point 4 products. IRIS 9.5.1 was our last release of Iris.

More recently we have acquired the exclusive rights to the Genesys software package. Selling, supporting, and improving this product account for the vast majority of our business. We are undertaking several major projects to 
improve and make Genesys even more user friendly and compatible with the host of new products now being made available to the UNIX/LINUX world.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contract us directly with any software or hardware questions you may have...

Postal address
PO Box 991090
          Redding, CA 96099
Electronic mail
General Information: donb@point4data.com
General Information: michelle@point4data.com
Support: support@point4data.com