Message Manager

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FineLine Message Manager

The FineLine Message Manager is a character-based software package for UNIX which features an electronic mail interface, telephone messaging, notepad, appointment scheduler and conflict scheduling

Electronic Message System (General)

bullet Functional upon installation
bullet Internet and operating system mail compatible
bullet Works transparently with the FineLine Internet MailServer e-mail transport system
bullet Auto notification of new mail in any application
bullet Support for terminal message areas
bullet All standard fax and paging software supported
bullet Broadcast a screen message to select users
bullet File messages into unlimited length folders
bullet Extensive message un-delete
bullet Auto forward or return incoming mail
bullet Optional access to other's messages

Read Message

bullet Point and pick selection of messages
bullet Print, delete, reply, forward, edit and refile message directly while viewing
bullet Slide messages into future as a reminder
bullet View 80-column wide, unlimited length messages
bullet Toggle display of system mail header
bullet Change current folder while viewing
bullet Automatic attached file detachment
bullet Configurable display of sender information
bullet Pattern search function

Recipient Selection

bullet Point and pick selection of all recipients
bullet Return Receipt, Carbon Copy & Blind Carbon Copy
bullet Names can be grouped under sites/departments
bullet Custom descriptions can be assigned and displayed
bullet Direct access to personal alias file
bullet Simple addition of sender's address to personal alias
bullet Recipients can represent a fax, pager, message folder or any system command
bullet Group reply to all copy recipients
bullet Unlimited custom address entry
bullet List selected recipients for confirmation
bullet Select user-defined groups of recipients

Send Message / Notepad

bullet Complete 80-column, unlimited length editor
bullet MIME & UUENCODE file attachment formats
bullet Separate local & remote signature files
bullet Spell checking function
bullet Text import & export
bullet Print before send option
bullet Express Delivery notifies recipient's terminal
bullet Delayed Delivery mails message in future
bullet Automatic personal copy of sent messages
bullet "Print Text Only" option in Notepad enables use as a simple word-processor

Telephone Message

bullet Electronic version of the "While You Were Out" message pad
bullet Caller directories for quick recall of caller's information
bullet Print-only option for users not on the system
bullet Optional call history folder
bullet Select any number of copy recipients
bullet 50 line message area with complete editor

Appointment Scheduler

bullet Unlimited number of events per day
bullet Add, delete, edit, copy and move events
bullet Create blocked, "to-do", annual and repeat events
bullet Attach unlimited length note to event
bullet Mask occurrence of repeat event
bullet Slide all pending events automatically each day
bullet Create templates for default timeslots
bullet Print event listing or calendar
bullet Mail entire day's schedule or single event
bullet Auto mail schedule each day
bullet Set reminders to notify terminal of event

Conflict Scheduling

bullet View multiple schedules in graphic form in 5, 15 and 30 minute increments
bullet Automatically check for specific conflicts or for common time available
bullet Run qualifications on users and eliminate unavailable users from list
bullet Post event directly into users' schedules
bullet Access other user's schedule directly
bullet Mail message to available/unavailable users
bullet Check availability of schedules for users, conference rooms, locations, vehicles, etc.


bullet Over 175 environment variables supported
bullet System and user configuration files
bullet Powerful alias assignments editor for modifying system and user alias files
bullet System & user hide lists for removing names from the list of recipients
bullet Flexible printer configuration with descriptions, page length & end-of-line conversions
bullet Program functions can be executed directly (bypassing the main menu)
bullet Simple registration of users


bullet Truly easy-to-use for all levels of users
bullet Color support for ANSI and AT386 terminal types
bullet All standard character-based terminals supported
bullet Comprehensive documentation
bullet Quick-reference cards
bullet Flexible and cost-effective licensing