What is dL4?
dL4 is an advanced application development language combining, for the first time, the speed and flexibility of a third-generation language with modern extensions and structures of fourth-generation technology. As customers move to network-based and client/server installations, they demand applications which operate seamlessly across traditionally incompatible hardware systems. All dL4 applications and databases are portable and may be accessed or executed from a wide range of Unix systems as well as Windows NT and Windows 95. Whether you need a single user Windows PC, a Unix host with terminals, or a combination of dissimilar systems, dL4 is the development language you need to remain competitive.
Why Use dL4?
Developers appreciate the ability to create and maintain a single set of applications and data which may be installed on any of the more popular Unix and Windows platforms available today. dL4 is a modern superset of the BASIC programming language, the most popular development language in use today, easily learned and readily accepted by customers. Modular design and extended features and functions ensure easy development and support of business applications.