UniBasic-IQ Runtime

The ability to access, manipulate and organize data is the essence of your business. Whether you're preparing financial reports, sales analyses, or commission reports, every business needs a fast and accurate reporting system.
IQ is the number one query and report generator on the planet. Licensed by DCI for the exclusive distribution with our language products, IQ provides customers with powerful SQL-like reporting and query tools. If you're not using IQ, you're losing money and time by not maximizing the potential of your database.

IQ Runtime is a point-and-shoot Query Language and Report Generator that represents the information within dL4, UniBasic-IRIS and UniBasic-NIROS applications in a standard Relational Database view. Extensive sorts, searches, reports and graphs are easily created through menu-driven instructions. In addition, a powerful SQL-like language provides extensive capabilities to produce even the most complex queries and reports.
IQ Access is a flexible data reformatting tool which allows users to transfer IQ Runtime output into a wide variety of popular desktop tools including Lotus 1-2-3, Excel, WordPerfect and dBASE. IQ Developer is used to define and maintain data dictionary information for IQ Runtime such as files, fields, multi-file relationships and field-level security.
DCI is a Source Licensee of IQ Software Corporation.