Faster than overnight mail, cheaper than stamps, the fax network is today's most universal form of electronic mail, an "information super-highway" that's already installed and operating.

Once the fax module is installed on our Genesys system you have the ability to fax any report you are now printing. Simply by choosing the printer "F" option, a pop up window comes up where you can look up fax phone numbers from the customer or vendor files, Each cover sheet is custom designed to include their specific fields along with your company logo and a canned signature. You can also add a message on this sheet.

Since the fax module does integrate with scanned objects, all your forms may be scanned in, then overlaid on the respective reports (eq. invoices). Other forms that you are currently faxing may be integrated & faxed through Genesys. Reports may also be batched and run at night.

Because the fax module is linked with Genesys, it can be customized and programmed to do whatever you can think of.

Use the following "Return on Investment Analysis" to determine if the fax module is right for your company. If you have any questions, contact us at the office.

Return on Investment Analysis

As you will see, it does not matter whether you are sending 10, 25, or 250 faxes. A computer fax system will reduce time and costs while quickly paying for itself. For an illustration, the following numbers represent a person/company who is currently sending out 25 facsimile documents a day via a conventional fax machine. We are assuming that the individual creating and sending the document does so using a standard word processor or similar application. This requires printing the document, retrieving it from the printer, walking to the fax machine, completing a cover page, entering the fax number, feeding the document into the machine, and waiting for the transmission to be completed. This has been estimated to take about 10 minutes. For this example, we are also assuming a mean burden (salary, benefits, equipment, etc.) labor rate conservatively estimated at $20.00 per hour.

25 x 10 min each = (a) 250 min/day
(a) 250 min/day x 250 annual workdays = (b) 62,50 min/yr
(b) 62,500 min/yr divided by 60 min/hr = (c) 1,024 hrs/yr
(c) 1042 hrs x %20.00 = $20,840 annual fax cost

Since the time to send the same documents via computer fax is less than 1 minute each (1/10th the time required of the conventional method), the annual savings in employee costs would be $18,756 ($20,840 x 90%)! Since the cost of installing a fax product is a fraction of the above amount, the payback period is quick and your ROI is significant!

NOTE: A mere 12 documents per day = $10,000 annual cost = $9,000 savings. with an investment of $3000 (for example), you will experience a 3-month payback period!!!

This is why the installation of a computer fax is such an easy decision. The 20,000,000 fax machines worldwide demonstrate that businesses have accepted fax as an every day part of office communications. You are simply using a more efficient and simpler alternative (happier employees), which is less expensive (happier management), and produces higher quality documents (happier recipients).