Genesys 4.0

The GENESYS Distribution Accounting System is a multifaceted software package including over 1000 programs that help process orders, invoices, and accounts receivable, help manage inventory and purchasing, provide sales analysis reports, store and retrieve history of transactions, process accounts payable, provide an integrated general ledger with user-formatted financial statements, and merge customer data with word processing. It is an automated accounting and management information system.

GENESYS is an evolutionary product that has grown in its features, accuracy, capabilities, and user-friendliness since its inception in 1981. It continues to mature each year as new and better ideas are discovered while we deal with an expanding base of users

Genesys is an on-site sofware solutions that is installed on your in-house server providing you with maximum control and protection. 

Genesys 4.0

Key Programs and their Features include:



            The key to making Genesys the user friendly Accounting system that it is.  All insight screens are      only a key stroke away any time, regardless of where you are.  Insight provides  easy access to historical    information in a number of categories including, Customers, Inventory, Vendors, Salesmen, General Ledger Accounts, Sales Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders,   Receivers, and Workorders, just to name a few. This  allows you to quickly retrieve information and answer    both  customer and executive questions instantly.


            Orders and Invoices:

One of Genesys goals is to fully automate sales order processing and invoicing in order to fully maximize your customer service, simplify clerical tasks, and create documents and records.  There are several advantages to automated processing such as automated update of inventory balances, accounts receivable, general ledger, commissions, and sales analysis history,credit checking, quick retrieval of transactions, improved company image and increased dispensing of valuable information.


            Sales Analysis:

As a byproduct of processing invoices and credit memos, historical sales information is captured and stored for later analysis.  Genesys reports sales history for customer, inventory, and salesmen.


            Accounts Receivable:

The goal of Accounts Receivable is to improve cash flow, simplify clerical tasks and create accu-rate documents and  records.  By automating invoicing and accounts receivable record-keeping. Genesys can help improve your cash flow.


            Accounts Payable:

As with Accounts Receivable, the whole idea is controlling your cash flow. Genesys, by automating this process, greatly improves your cash management, allowing you to become more aware of your cash requirements along with your projected cash receipts.


            General Ledger:

The byproduct of automating the invoicing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable is a very accurate General Ledger with a user friendly, yet detailed financial reporting, and all at your beck and call.



What is the current trend in sales? Who are my top customers and what is the gross profit from them? What is my fastest selling product and who buys the most of a given product?  What salesman has generated the most sales or the most profit?   All this can be shown on one of many Reports generated by Genesys.  Genesys comes with a multitude of useful reports, History, Rank or Detail analysis.  Each report can be used and printed from within Genesys, or exported as an ASCII text file to a DOS or Windows based program, for use in generating more reports.





Another  tool for improving the use of your computer resources.  This software device allows you to direct the output of any report program to a free area on the Hard Disk, allowing you to view the report almost immediately, and physically print it when the demand for the printer has decreased.



Inventory Control:


Genesys offers you computerized inventory control, giving you automated record-keeping that provides up-to-the minute stock balances, pricing availability, current open orders, and open purchase order information, purchase history, sales trends, hot and slow movers, and who are the cash hogs.  All this is done behind the scenes from your daily entries of orders.              



Genesys gives you a simple accurate method for entering and printing purchase orders, updating inventory status, and tracking outstanding commitments from your suppliers.  An automated inventory control system requires constant updating of incoming merchandise.  As byproducts, you receive analysis of vendor purchases and updating of the inventory Card-X history.


             Work Orders:

             With the Genesys system you will also have a very powerful tool for controlling production inventory. Genesys  streamlines the tracking of production materials throughout the production process by simplifying clerical tasks, creating accurate documents and records and making them available on-line information regarding raw materials and finished goods. As a result  of the automation,  the automatic updating of inventory costs and balances, general ledger and vendor history are created.    


             Job Stream:

Genesys has  added this  feature to help out your closing of Month-End.  This feature allows you to specify a set of reports to print “Job Queue” that need to print at month-end (or any time), and once started will run without an operators attendance.   You can also run a set of pre-determined reports daily or weekly


Help Windows/Message:

Help is available at any entry point that requires looking up codes, vendors, customers or items.  A help window pops-up and allows selection of the appropriate option and inserts the correct option of your choice.  Simple help messages pop-up automatically when a questionable entry is required and following an erroneous entry.


            System Security:

In the ever-growing world of corporate espionage, security is the biggest single key in prevention.  Genesys, has several levels of system security built into it, from the login to individual or group access to the program and data areas. All Genesys menus, Insights and any spooled report have separate levels of access corresponding to the operators Security Level.  The Security Levels are managed by your System Administrator.



The Genesys Payroll Module streamlines the process of tracking employee hours and earnings throughout the year, thereby simplifying the record keeping tasks.  By  creating accurate documents and records, calculating deductions and earnings, vacations, bonuses paid, wages and salaries, and a month to date, quarter to date, as well as a year to date earnings, deductions, and accruals, Genesys takes care of your payroll needs.   As a result of automating this process, Genesys also automatically updates employee, department, and company earnings, bank balances, General Ledger accounts, and numerous State and Federal reports.


Genesys Pricing

Genesys Distribution Accounting Software Version 4.0



List Price

4 $1,705 $6,820
6 $1,568 $9,408
8 $1,430 $11,440
12 $1,292 $15,504
16 $1,155 $18,480
24 $1,116 $26,784
32 $1,073 $34,336
48 $1,025 $49.200
64 $990 $63,360
96 $908 $87,168
128 $770 $98,560
192 $550 $105,600
256 $440 $112,640

Additional User pricing available upon request.
Multiple company pricing available upon request.
Source Code pricing available upon request.